Help and Support

Create and manage account

It is simple and straightforward to create a Refeasy account. A valid e-mail address is required for an account set up. To create an account, please click here.

Refeasy sends you an e-mail to verify your details when you set up an account. You should receive this e-mail within a few minutes of account registration but may take up to an hour. Please check you spam or junk e-mail as it may have ended up there. We advise you add to your mailing list so you receive our e-mails in your inbox.

Yes. Changes to your profile can be made when you are logged into your Refeasy account. Refeasy sends you a notification any time your account profile is updated.

Yes. You may change your username when you access your account profile.

Yes. Please sign in to your account to update your password.

To access your account profile, click on the ‘Welcome, Your Name’ link on the top right hand corner of your page after you have signed in.

Yes. To delete your account, please contact the Refeasy Support Team. Once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. All your personal details, reference and recommendation letters and records of all requests and forwarding are also deleted.

Account security

You need a username, which is your registered e-mail address and a password to log into your Refeasy account. Forgotten username and/or password may be retrieved from the Refeasy website login page.

Please contact the Refeasy Support Team immediately if you did not set up your account.

Your username is your registered e-mail address. To retrieve your username, please click here or visit the Refeasy account log in homepage.

To reset your password, please click here. You will need a valid username to reset your password.

Your refeasy account is automatically blocked after three unsuccessful password entries. You may need to reset your password to access your account again. To reset your password, please click here.

Refeasy website uses a very secure encryption detail to protect your account. Our security systems provide round-the-clock protection. All activities on the website are monitored to ensure your safety and security.

If your refeasy account has been compromised, please reset your password or change your username as soon as possible. Alternatively, contact the Refeasy Support Team immediately. For your safety and security, it is important that you do not share your username and/or password with anyone.

Subscription and payment

Refeasy offers two main jobseeker subscriptions; free and paid. Options available under paid subscriptions are Lite, Regular and Premium. Each of these subscription packages has its benefits. For further information about account subscription, please click here. Referee and Recruiter/Institution accounts are free.

Subscription payments are made via PayPal. You do not have to worry if you do not have a PayPal account as you can still make your payment using a debit/credit card on the PayPal payment platform. Refeasy does not store your debit/credit card or PayPal account details. There may be a surcharge for payments using a credit card.

Your subscription does not renew automatically when it expires. Refeasy will send you a notification e-mail to advise you about your account expiry and available renewal options nearer the time. You may renew your subscription under your account profile.

You may cancel, upgrade or renew your subscription at any time. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully about subscription cancellation as charges may apply.

You may receive a refund (which could be full, part or nil) depending on your consent to use our services immediately after registration, our services used and the period after registration within which the subscription cancellation was made. Our Terms and Conditions explains further your right to cancel and any refund you may be entitled to. Please read this before account registration. No refunds are issued for previous subscriptions if you sign up to a new one. Please speak to our Support Team about subscription cancellation or changes.

Request, view and forward reference and recommendation letters

It is very easy, fast and straightforward to request for a reference or recommendation letter. Simply access ’reference request’ when you are logged into your account to complete a request form.

An e-mail notification is sent to you when your referee completes or declines your request. After you have received such notification, log into your account to view the details of your referee’s response. Remember, your referee may restrict you from viewing the contents of your reference or recommendation letter.

Please check the confirmation e-mail received after your request is sent to verify that you sent the request to the right person. Please complete another request form if the wrong e-mail address was used. You may also wish to prompt your referee after your request is sent.
Refeasy sends a reminder to you and your nominated referee if there has been no response 7 days after the request was made.The request is closed if there has been no response 14 days after the initial request date.

Details of your letter request and response from your referee may be accessed from the ‘Reference at a Glance’ section.

Completed reference and recommendation letters are uploaded securely unto your account. These documents may be viewed from the ‘Reference at a Glance’ section. However, you may not be able to access a document if your referee restricts the document for the attention of only a potential employer and/or an educational institution.

Yes. Remember, your referee may restrict you from viewing the contents of your reference or recommendation letter.

Forwarding a document from your account is simple and straightforward. Please ensure you have the correct contact details of the individual, company, organisation or institution you wish to forward your document to. Select the document to send, complete and submit the recipient details and the document is sent immediately.

When you forward a document to a recipient, it is sent immediately. Please check the confirmation e-mail received after your letter is sent to verify the recipient’s contact details. Please complete another ‘Reference forwarding’ form if the wrong e-mail address was used. You may also wish to prompt your recipient after your document is sent.

A notification is sent when a recipient views or accesses your document. You may view the details of your recipient from the Reference at a Glance (View all Checks) section.

No. Your document may be viewed by only the recipient you forward or give access to.

No. You may temporarily inactivate a reference or recommendation letter provided by your referee. An inactive document cannot be accessed or forwarded to any recipient.

Please check that your subscription is still active. You cannot request or forward a document if your subscription expires. However, you should have access to your completed requests when you log in. If you have an active subscription and cannot request, view or forward letters, please contact the Refeasy Support Team.

Security tips when using our website

Your Refeasy account is intended for your personal and professional use only. Please access your Refeasy account when you have to. Do not leave your logged in account unattended to. Please log out when your account is not in use to protect your details and documents.

Choosing a strong password is highly recommended when you set up an account to prevent unauthorized access. It is equally important that you change your refeasy account password from time to time. Your password should contain at least special characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters. Further advice on choosing a strong password is available here.

Please log into your account from electronic devices like computers, tablets and mobile phones which have installed active security systems like an antivirus software. If your account is not in use, log out immediately to prevent unauthorized access.

Avoid sharing your account details with anyone. Sharing your log in details may lead to account activities without your permission.

Refeasy will not send you an e-mail requesting for subscription payments. Account upgrades and renewal must only be done when you are logged into your account. When making online payments on our website, please look out for the ‘padlock symbol’ in the url address bar or on the webpage. Try to avoid public internet access or wifi hotspots which are mostly insecure networks when making online payments.

How to provide or decline a reference request

It is quite simple and easy to complete a reference on our website. Follow the links in the e-mail you received from Refeasy to either provide or decline the reference or recommendation letter request. You could also set up a free account to view and respond to any requests sent to you.

Yes, subject to your approval. This saves you time and resources to provide the same reference over and over again. If a jobseeker shares a reference you completed, you shall receive a notification.

When completing the reference, you have the option to restrict the contents from the jobseeker. However, the recipient of the reference, if shared, can access the contents. We shall notify you when the reference is shared with anyone. Please click here for more information about providing references for jobseekers.

Yes. Your referee account gives you access to all the reference and recommendation letter requests you have received. You may also view all the completed requests when logged into your account.

Please log into your account to access this reference. You may have also received an e-mail from us after you completed the reference or recommendation letter from the jobseeker.

References and recommendation letters shared by jobseekers and students

We send you an e-mail when a jobseeker shares a document with you and you can access the document from this e-mail. Setting up a free account as a recruiter means you can access the reference shared with you anytime. The jobseeker is notified when you access his or her reference/recommendation letter.

Referees using our services have the option to share references provided with the jobseeker. We recommend that jobseekers forward such references to recruiters via our platform. You can verify the contents of the reference shared with you by logging into your account, if the document was not sent from Refeasy.

Yes. Please contact us to arrange this.